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BIG – #6 seed

Current Roster:
Tabsen (IGL)
DuDe (Coach)

Berlin International Gaming or BIG Clan was first introduced to the Premier circuit in Fall 2020 when the pandemic hindered all of the teams from travelling to Europe to participate in the tournament. This five man squad has been together for a year and a half now, so they should be a close knit group, while the core of Tabzen, Tizian and Xantares have been together since 2018! They ended up with a 3rd place at the Fall Finals of 2020, and showed that they were a team not to be taken lightly!


When a new member team was needed for the 2021 season, the German org was picked for the slot, and the 2021 Spring Groups would be their first tournament after their new status. And they were here to show everyone that they are a serious contender. They took down OG with a 2-0 win before losing to a confident NIP team, in a close 2-0 result. Now they were up against Astralis in the lower bracket final. The loser would have to go through Showdown, while the winner was guaranteed a spot in the Spring Final.

Despite valiant efforts from Dupreeh in the series, the german squad was just the better team, and especially syrsoN took matters in his own hands on Inferno with a 1.91 rating.


The Spring Final was secured, but first they had to settle matters with NIP who had kicked their behinds previously. Revenge was on the menu, and the BIG bear was hungry! SyrsoN once again led the charge and the Ninjas did not stand much chance. 16-2 and 16-14 and BIG were the deserved winners of their group and a spot in the Spring Final!

Since Spring Groups concluded it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for the fans and players in BIG. They would place top 4 and even win some tournaments, but once the competition got a bit fiercer and the tournaments had a bit more prestige to them, they would falter earlier on.

There is a reason that BIG are only the 6th seed of this tournament, and it will be up to the Germans to prove that they can reinvent themselves again, and become a cohesive team that can defeat any team out there with their teamwork and tactical prowess.

Can Tabsen lead his troops to victory in the Spring Final and secure a spot for BIG Clan in the World Final in their very first BLAST Premier season as a member team? Find out when they clash with G2 Esports on June 16 at 12:30 PM CEST on or