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Complexity – #5 seed

Current Roster:
BlameF (IGL)
keita (Coach)

The 2020 BLAST Premier Spring season was a huge milestone for Complexity as it helped cement their Juggernaut status as not only a meme but a serious moniker for the team… At least in the Spring!

Since their victory in the 2020 Spring season the BlameF-captained team have been unable to find another tournament victory of importance. With an inability to find a proper footing in the online meta, and the sudden departure of obo shaking things up, Complexity faded into the subtop in the latter half of the 2020 season.

Coming into the 2021 season Complexity found themselves in sort of the same position as the previous year. They had had a couple of months with jks to implement him into their systems, and had been able to bring everyone together again in a boot camp for the Spring Groups. Would they be able to overcome expectations again and shine in a new BLAST Premier Spring Season. In a group with Vitality, EG and G2 they weren’t spared many chances to move on.

The Spring fairytale came alive again though as Complexity first took down Vitality in a clean 2-0, and it wasn’t just because Vitality were underperforming. K0nfig looked clean, blameF was his usual energetic self and the entire team showed great spirit on the webcam feed.

This look continued for the rest of the Spring Groups as they first took down G2 2-0 and then EG 2-0 in the final to earn their spot at the Spring Final! The BLAST Premier Spring buff for Complexity had kicked in, and they were back on form. Or so it seemed..

Results afterwards didn’t pan out in the same way, and there have been no top 4 performances since then from the American org. But there is just something about Complexity at a BLAST Spring tournament. It might just be enough to get them going again and keep the Spring Crown for themselves, and a spot in the coveted World Final.

Watch Spring-buffed Complexity go for the title when they take on NIP on June 15 at 6:30 PM CEST on or