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Evil Geniuses – #8 seed

Current Roster:
Stanislaw (IGL)

It’s a difficult task to try and summarize what EG went through in 2021 so far. They came into the 2021 season having played together as a 5 man team for 1½ years. Experiencing both highs and lows over that time period, things hadn’t been looking too great since coming to Europe to play tournaments in the pandemic. For BLAST Premier Spring Groups they did however look to be on the up again.


Placed in a group with Vitality, Complexity and G2 it wasn’t really possible to pick out a clear favorite of the group. And after the first match most people probably took EG out of the mix completely. G2 won a convincing 2-0 match, where EG were ahead at halftime on both maps but lacked the coolness to finish off their opponent in the second half.

In the lower bracket they were up against another underperforming team in Vitality. It was back and forth in the first two maps, and a nail biter of a third map on Inferno that ended in OT and victory for EG. They weren’t completely out of the woodworks just yet though, as they had to face G2 once more in order to go the distance and qualify for the Spring Finals.

EG looked different this time around though and Brehze, tarik and Ethan seemed rejuvenated on their map picks and on the decider map, Nuke. Brehze had a monsterous performance with 27 frags in only 22 rounds. They had qualified for the Spring Final, and despite losing to Complexity in a clear 2-0 manner in the end, this is what mattered.

It never became the start of something new for the team though, as they faced multiple changes over the next few months. First Ethan switched over to Valorant and was replaced by obo who was ready to play again after his short break following Complexity. This wasn’t an instant success though, and more had to be done. Tarik stepped down and in his place they brought in MICHU. Again not an instant success but they had the makings of a new team.

Then just a week ago it was announced that zews was stepping down as coach, and if this article had gone out a few weeks ago, things would not have looked great for EG coming into the Spring Final.

But as of now they’ve cooked up a great performance for IEM Summer, taking down class teams like Heroic and Team Spirit, falling only to another revitalized team in OG. They qualified for the playoffs and suddenly you can see chances for the squad at the Spring Finals. If they can keep running on the momentum, the Spring Final trophy is suddenly within reach of the Evil Geniuses.

Find out if their great stride continues when they take on Gambit in their first Spring Final match June 15 at 3:30 PM CEST on &