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Faze Clan – #7 seed

Current Roster:
Karrigan (IGL)
Olofmeister (Not confirmed)
Coldzera (benched)
Robban (Coach)

Let’s be honest – Faze Clan has had one semi-good tournament in 2021 and it was the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. The main narrative around Faze Clan lately have been centered around roster moves and more specifically Olofmeister going in and out of the team.

When Niko was sold to G2 they had to reinvent themselves and find a new identity for their squad and playstyle. Olofmeister was brought back in as a stand-in. It never got going for the team, and just before Spring Groups 2021 they bought Twistzz from Team Liquid and benched Kjaerbye.

With no solid direction for the team since the end of Fall and Twistzz being brought in days before the Group stage, no one expected anything from them. At all. But maybe it was the fact that they were free from the chains of expectations that helped them out. Everyone was laughing and smiling, and seemingly just happy to be playing CS:GO with good teammates.

Their Spring Group opponents were MIBR, NAVI and Team Liquid, so by no means an easy group to get through. On top of that their first opponent was Twistzz’s former team in Team Liquid, so there was extra incentive to do well and show who made the right choice by moving on. And at first sight this was surely Twistzz.


The first map was semi-close with a 16-11 score, but on Nuke in the second map TL barely got a foot over the starting line before the map was over. 16-1 and Faze Clan was looking great. It wasn’t just one person showing off, but the entire team showed off their abilities, evidenced by the scoreline where all Faze members were within 5 frags of each other.


Next up were the defending 2020 champions, NAVI, who got up to a great start, and Faze looked to have met their match. 2nd place might be the spot to bet on for them. But Nuke painted a different picture and suddenly NAVI looked shaken and beatable. It would all come down to Train, and what a game that was. Probably one of the most entertaining Train matches of the year. It was s1mple vs Twistzz in an epic battle to secure a spot at the Spring Finals. Despite 44 frags, and some insane clutches from the Canadian Faze member, in the end NAVI were the better team.


Once again Faze Clan and Twistzz had to prove that they were better than Team Liquid. And so they did – granted it took two OT’s in the first map and an olofmeister performing like back in the day to take it home, but they did it. A spot in the Spring Final was secured, and even though NAVI cemented their skill with a quick 2-0 in the final, it didn’t matter. Faze had done what no one expected. 

After Spring Groups, Karrigan came into the team like announced, and olofmeister was taken off the roster list once again. Karrigan was on the Overtime show during the Spring Showdown to state that you have to trust the process and it takes time to find each other as a team. Now it’s been 4 months, another BLAST tournament is coming up, and Faze just announced that Coldzera was out of the roster and Olofmeister is back in.

For other teams it might be a sign of pending doom, but for Faze it might just be what they need to free themselves from all expectations, and upset the other teams here at the Spring Final. With Olofmeister on the team again, anything seems possible.

Faze gets to take on NAVI once again in their first match of Spring Finals June 16 at 3:30 PM CEST on &