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Gambit – #1 seed

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Current Roster:
Nafany (IGL)
Groove (coach)

After winning the PGL Major Krakow 2017 to many peoples surprise, Gambit Esports sort of faded into obscurity in the CS:GO Community without any more notable notches in their victory column. 2018 and 2019 became a year filled with roster moves and disappointing performances, until it was announced in May 2019 that they were putting their main lineup on hold. They wanted to put together a Russian speaking lineup and needed time to find the right candidates.

In the meantime their Gambit Youngsters squad were to assume their usual schedule and keep practicing. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for trees as the Gambit Youngsters were seeing incredible results in the tier 2 and 3 scene. Maybe they had the winning roster all along?

The Youngsters were promoted to the A team, and Gambit were reintroduced to the Tier 1 scene again. After the Youngsters were promoted they had a top 4 finish in 14 out of the 18 tournaments they participated in. The trio of Sh1ro, Ax1le and Hobbit have taken the scene by storm, putting up incredible numbers and inspiring countless hopeful csgo players with their awe inducing highlight clips and clutches.

The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 was Gambit’s first foray into the BLAST Circuit, with an invite being sent their way due to their recent impressive performances. They were seeded 2nd by the teams, flanked by Astralis in the #1 spot and Team Vitality in the 3rd spot – big names in the scene and teams storied with legacy and titles in recent memory, showing their status and respect from the other teams.

And Gambit did not disappoint. They took down NASR Esport in a dominating 2-0 performance, before facing Furia in the next round. Only with a stand out performance by junior on Overpass could the Brazilian squad clinch a 3rd map, but it never got exciting after that. Only one bo3 was between them and the Spring Final, and facing them were none other than their recent nemesis-like rivals from Heroic! Having just been through a marathon bo5 the week before, it was more about just a spot in the Spring Final…it was about revenge.

The game was an epic back and forth with all three maps providing the utmost entertainment and mind boggling displays of skill from all the players. They won each other’s map pick and it all came down to Train. Gambit showed that they had the most energy left in the tank, and pulled ahead on the tracks to take the victory and a spot in the Spring Final.

Now 7 teams are ready to face off against the current #1 ranked team in the world. Evil Geniuses will be the first challenger 3:30 PM CEST Jun 15.

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