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Ninjas In Pyjamas

Ninjas In Pyjamas – #3 seed

Current Roster:
Hampus (IGL)
THREAT (Coach)

The Ninjas came into our Spring Groups with no one knowing what to expect. They had never really been able to get things going in 2020, and outside of the odd top 4 placement, everyone was still holding their breath for a bit of the old NIP magic to return.


Placed in a group with Astralis, BIG and OG, it wasn’t clear cut which teams were going to do well and which wouldn’t. NIP gave us a good indication when they came out guns blazing and took down Astralis 2-0 in their opening match. It was two close maps with both of them ending 16-13, but NIP looked great. Teamwork was flowing, the aim was on point and they had the mental fortitude to close out maps against a top team like Astralis.


They continued their form in the next match against BIG who were also taken down 2-0, and suddenly NIP looked like the strongest team in the group. At least until they had to face BIG again for the Group Final. With a Spring Final spot already secured the killer instinct lacked and suddenly some of the cracks started showing in the throwing stars from the Ninjas. They went down 2-0 in the finals, but a Spring Final spot was secured nonetheless, and they could get back and iron out the kinks.


But then everything changed…


“Device is transfering to NIP”


In one of the more shocking transfer moves to ever happen in the CSGO scene, the Ninjas found themselves with a top 3 player in the world on their hands.


This is the NIP that will be playing in the Spring Final. They’ve had some time to practice together, and from what we’ve seen in other tournaments so far – they look like a dangerous dark horse potential. They haven’t won a tournament yet with the new lineup, but with dev1ce on their roster, you can never count them out.


Coming from a second place finish at Flashpoint 3, will the Spring Finals be the tournament where the Ninjas prove that they have what it takes to win tournaments again? Or just another paragraph in the story that they are a top 8 team, but not a top 1?


 Let’s see what stories will be written in the next week when they start off against Complexity June 15 at 6:30 PM CEST on &