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Dec 18, 2019

BLAST Pro Series becomes BLAST Premier

BLAST Premier, a new global tournament series that includes tons of Best of 3’s, one game at a time and a new play-in system that gives any team the chance to qualify for both the Global Final and the two seasonal finals. Winner of each Seasonal Final take home US$500.000, while the winner of the Global Final 2020 take home US$ 1,000,000.

Best of 3’s, excitement and community in focus

BLAST Premier will amplify the best elements of esports: excitement, competition and community – by creating heart-racing events, unmissable content and a bespoke fan experience.

BLAST Premier is designed to:

1. Enhance the audience experience, in arena and at home.

2. Tell the emotive stories behind esports’ biggest heroes and villains.

3. Enable the greatest range of teams to participate in the most entertaining tournament series in the world.

Anyone can win the Global Final

“Developing our 2020 format and experience has been one of the most exciting tasks since I joined the company. We’ve taken onboard the incredible feedback from our show surveys and across the Counter-Strike community. It’s only been 12 months since we were in Istanbul, our second ever event, and here we are, almost a full trip around the world later and a lot wiser. The culmination of everything we’ve done so far is BLAST Premier – a competitive Best of 3 format, where anyone can win the Global Final – enhanced by great storytelling and a fan focused experience.”

– Nicolas Estrup, Director of Product and Experience

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