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Feb 27, 2020

EPOS partners with BLAST Premier

BLAST Premier makes a bang by partnering with the premium audio company, EPOS and its EPOS I SENNHEISER gaming product portfolio. Together the two brands aim to give fans a deeper appreciation of the vital role audio and communication plays in esports.

“Rush B”, “I molly ramp!” and “Planting” are some of the most repeated phrases that fly through the air when the world’s best Counter-Strike players compete. Just like in any other entertainment form, audio is key to the experience and now BLAST and EPOS are teaming up to bring the ultimate esport experiences to the fans.

Leo Matlock, Commercial Director, BLAST:
“Together we will bring to life the many ways that audio is so crucial; the player communication, and how their internal communication lead their actions in the gameplay. 

To do all this with a world-renowned audio specialist who is investing in their gaming products is very exciting.”

Andreas Jessen, Senior Director, Global Product Management & Marketing, Gaming:

“We’re really excited to partner with BLAST so we can tell the story of ultimate gaming audio through this exceptional event. As leaders within audio technology, we have unmatched dedication in creating premium headsets that let you truly zone-in and feel the game, while giving you a competitive advantage by bringing out every important sound cue.

Get Mic’d Up

Mic’D Up is the first project to mark this epic EPOS and BLAST partnership. Fans all over the world get a unique insight into how elite players communicate during a match and will be able to hear intense mid-match moments, banter and hectic plays that might be pivotal for the win.

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